Encourage Collaboration Across Your Network

Collaboration Across Your Network

Only with participation of the entire network can you really move the needle. Centermark automates each network's performance and empowers individual locations to invest in their success. Our systematic approach to network collaboration enables you to communicate with your franchisees and measure the success of marketing programs throughout the network.

With solutions tailored to meet the needs of the brand, we'll work with you to bring this recipe for success to all of your franchisees.

Collaboration programs may include:

  • A custom myCentermark portal, unique to your network, highlighting the available applications, potential ROI, and benefits of the platform for your network
  • Custom webinars to inform your Franchisees of the options and value available
  • Email Marketing outreach
  • Location-level support for all of your Franchisees
  • Attendance/sponsorship of your Franchise conference
  • Instant tools for the Franchisor to sent alerts to any location