Centermark: Purpose-Built for the Franchise Network

Local Marketing for the Franchise Network

When it comes to building a strong franchise, we understand that the keys to success include acquiring and retaining more customers, strengthening your brand and operational playbook and increasing collaboration and participation throughout the network. Unfortunately, there are setbacks that are stopping franchises from fulfilling these requirements.

Challenges of a Franchise Network

  • Franchisors lack the influence or control of local marketing activities, so they can't directly affect network revenue.
  • Franchises lack the consistency of marketing, brand, and messaging to create a compelling and consistent brand.
  • Franchisors lack the data to have a meaningful conversation with locations about performance, or to make decisions about what programs actually work to drive results for the network.

How Centermark Plays a Role

The Centermark Platform makes it easier than ever to help you, the franchise owner, overcome these obstacles. We provide you with solutions that are specifically built to support the distributed marketing model. Our tools and insights allow you to communicate across your network and achieve consistent, effective performances at all locations.