Centermark Operational Guide

Centermark Platform Packages
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Application Centerxx
Centermark Dashboardxx
Business Intelligencexx
Collaboration Enginex
Local Website Template Design and Developmentx
Local Website Infrastructurex
Social Profile Managementx
Offer Managementx
SEO-Optimized Local Website Contentx
Directory Managementx
Centermark Platform Package Add-ons (Additional Fees Apply)
Appointment Booking
Review Management
Display Ads
Yodle Ads Service
Third Party System and/or API Integration
Website Design and Development Services (Additional Fees Apply)
Corporate Website Template Design and Development
Professional Services (Additional Iterations, design, and development hours, etc)

Product and Service Definitions

As used herein or in any Yodle Service Agreement between Customer and Yodle (the “Agreement”) and/or Statement of Work between Customer and Yodle (the “SOW”), the following terms shall have the following definitions unless otherwise defined herein. Yodle may, in its discretion, change any product or service offering, functionality and/or feature. Capitalized terms used herein but not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings given to them in the Agreement and/or SOW.

Application Center: Access to multiple local digital marketing applications may include some or all of the current applications.

Appointment Booking: Feature provides Customer’s clients the ability to book an appointment for services via locations website. Appointments are viewed and managed on the Centermark local dashboard. Locations may set the days and times they are willing accept appointments. Appointment confirmations and reminders may be triggered to the Customer’s clients.

Business Intelligence: Proprietary tracking scripts are used to render business intelligence data within Location and Customer Centermark dashboards. Customer and Location business intelligence may include session data from web properties associated with Yodle products, web lead data captured from Location websites associated with Yodle products, call tracking data from associated Yodle products, Yodle Ads call tracking and call recording.

Call Tracking Lines: Yodle will provide up to 5 call tracking lines per Customer location at no additional cost in order to track all telephone leads originating from Yodle. A Customer location may request additional call tracking lines and will be billed at a rate of $5 per line per month, effective when the calling tracking line becomes active.

Customer may place a call tracking line in inactive status by providing written notice tor Yodle, provided that Customer will continue to be charged at a rate of $5 per line per month. To cancel a call tracking line, Customer must provide Yodle with written notice of such cancellation and the cancelled line will be returned 30 days after cancellation request is received by Yodle. After that time there will be no further charge for the cancelled line.

Centermark Dashboard: Reporting on network-wide and local performance and behavior. Locations will be enabled to upload photos to their Centermark dashboard, which will then be distributed to the Local Website (as defined herein), directories/listings, and available social media. The widget on the website will display as a photo gallery and include an option for a title and a brief description.

  • Optimum Minimum Widget Display: 300 x 300px
  • Supports photo uploads via Centermark from desktop and mobile devices
  • Recommended limit: 100 photos
  • Only one (1) Photo Widget per account
  • Customer has the ability to remove photos from any Location dashboard.

Customer understands it is the responsibility of the Customer or Location, not Yodle, to upload photos via Location dashboard. Usage training will be provided as detailed in the Project Plan

Collaboration Engine: YBN Professional Services team helps to drive adoption and engagement in the Customer network. The network adoption will be accomplished through the use of a Network Communication Portal, outbound sales & marketing initiatives, and customer support of Yodle initiatives.

Third Party System and/or API Integration: Integrate the Centermark platform to a third party system (e.g. CRM, CMS, POS, etc.). This is not included in the standard Yodle offering and is subject to a statement of work and additional fees.

Custom Reporting: A request for a custom report not currently available through the existing dashboard. This is not included in the standard Yodle offering and is subject to a statement of work and additional fees.

Directory Management: Yodle will work with Customer and Locations to verify, optimize, and maintain Google and Bing listings on behalf of participating Locations that emphasizes the Customer's name, brand, specific services, and categories. The process for creation, verification, optimization, and maintenance of Google and Bing listings will commence upon “launch” of the Yodle service. Yodle will make two (2) initial phone outreach attempts and two (2) e-mail attempts to each Location to verify the Google & Bing listings on behalf of participating Locations at the addresses provided by Customer. Yodle will report to Customer of successful vs. unsuccessful outreach attempts and work together with Customer on strategy to continue verifying Locations’ listings. Product marketing emails will be released after launch and will include a call to action to contact their Yodle Consultant to verify their Google ∓ Bing listings. Yodle will continue to prompt Locations for listing verification on Reactive ∓ Proactive outreach.

Customer Support required prior to Yodle verification attempts. Upon “launch” a search will be conducted for existing Google and Bing listings of Locations. If no existing owner-verified listing is found, Yodle will create a new listing on the Location’s behalf, then work with the Location to verify the listing. In some cases, Google may grant instant verification to bulk accounts for stationary businesses. In the event that pin claiming is still necessary, Yodle will commence as follows: Attempts to retrieve the PIN number for verification will take place by a team of Yodle employees emailing and calling the Locations using the contact information provided by Customer, identifying themselves as the Maps Verification team. Once the PIN has been received and successfully verified, Locations may request communication manager permissions to be enabled so that they may post comments to their account if desired. If an existing owner-verified listing is found (applies to Google only), Yodle will not claim a new listing. Instead, the Location will be asked to enable Yodle with co-manager permission so that way may update the business information and make optimizations as necessary. If duplicate listings are found for a Location, Yodle will identify the primary business listing and document all duplicates found. Yodle will report the duplicate listings to Google, or attempt to mark the listing as closed as necessary upon Customer request.

Customer understands that organic search performance may be impacted by a Google Maps listing that Yodle does not control or Locations who do not want the Name, Phone Number, Website or focus of the listing changed to the Customer’s brand. Yodle will create and maintain a "Citation Network" that consists of many prominent directories. Business information including edits, updates or additions of Locations will flow through a near-real time automatic feed via Centermark. Yodle will use the "unpaid" call tracking number to display in directories. Directories may be added or removed from our strategy at any time. A list of directories managed is available within the Location dashboard. In order to create listings unique to a Location’s URL, the following criteria must be met. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the inability to create and maintain listings as our listings partners may reject our attempt to verify listings

  • Location must have a unique address per URL.
  • Address must not be a P.O. Box or Virtual address.
  • The business phone number must contain a local area code. Yodle Call Tracking Numbers may utilize a toll free area code, but the account-level info must contain a local business phone number
  • Location must not have an active subscription with Yext. If Location has active subscription with Yext, Location must contact Yext directly to cancel their subscription
  • Yodle is not responsible for refunds to Locations for pre-paid Yext subscriptions that require early cancellation in order to meet Yodle product requirements.

Display Ads

Base Display Services

  • Yodle will create and optimize the display campaign based on keywords and subjects.
  • Ads are analyzed and matched to page content accurate placement in the network.
  • Yodle proprietary algorithm is utilized to optimize Display ad placement. Yodle optimizes the display media buy based on which part of the buy is driving measurable leads to the business.
  • Google display network (“GDN”) is used for distribution of display ads. GDN includes all Google properties and 1000’s of Google display partners.
  • Yodle uses a cost per click(CPC) pricing model.
  • Service also utilizes ad retargeting which will redisplay ads to users who have visited the advertised site.
  • Campaigns can be targeted based on direct keywords, complementary keywords, or by audience.
  • Campaigns can be geographically targeted to a specific store location, region or national.

Image and Text based Ads

  • Yodle display works with image and text based ads
  • Image
  • Content provided in universal ad formats by client or developed by Yodle
  • At most 2 positions on page
  • Text
  • Same format as Ad Copies used for Search
  • Three to five positions on page

Campaign Types

  • Single Location
  • Ads , keywords and geography is targeted to a single location
  • Ads link to the location adversite
  • Multi-location via metropage
  • Ad is targeted to the a specific geographic market
  • Ads link to a metropage featuring the contributing locations
  • Requirements to be provided
  • National

Email Template Design and Development: The design and/or development of up to three (3) email templates for promotional and/or automated email campaigns. Customer will provide content and define goals. Yodle will provide either design or development or both.

Local Website Template Deisgn: The design and development of a website template for individual locations (each, a “Local Website”). Includes up to fifteen (15) pages not including dynamic service pages. Final navigation and website pages to be determined and approved during the website design consultation. Includes up to three (3) revisions by Customer. Yodle will provide up to five (5) hours of Yodle Creative and/or Development resources per quarter to apply updates such as promotions or slight design modifications based on brand requirements. This does not include global integration work which is a request that requires integration engineers to build advanced website functionality not outlined in the standard website features or integration with client-side servers, content management systems or any other Customer system. Each Location may request up to thirty (30) minutes of Local Website Updates per calendar month. Minutes do not roll over from month to month and in-scope change requests include:

  • Page copy
  • Additional Service Pages (new service page copy must be provided by Location and approved by Customer)
  • Locations must allow up to three (3) business days for completion of requested changes from the time of request.

Customer understands that updates to Photo Gallery, Offers, and Reviews are the responsibility of the Customer or Locations, not Yodle.

The following Website Features may be used within Location Website Template. Use of standard Website Features within the Location Website Template must be agreed upon by Customer and Yodle at the time of the Design Consultation or prior to final approval of Template Design.

  • Responsive design
  • Branded elements including colors and logos.
  • Call Tracking Numbers(s)
  • Contact Form
    • Custom Forms Alllowed - up to 10 fields
    • Drop down and fill in the _blank
  • Map/Driving Directions
  • Offer Widget
  • Photo Widget
  • Rate-A-Biz Widget
  • Hours of Operation
  • Social Links
  • Linked Videos
  • Payment Optimizations
  • Banner Images - static image or rotating
    • Banner height requirement: 400px Minimum

Local Website Template Development: Up to three (3) iterations of changes on the local website template during initial development. Iterations include any and all requested changes by the Customer.

Local Website Template Content: Enables your network to add fresh, conversation-boosting content to their websites. Based on the content guideline template, Yodle will create three (3) pieces of sample content for one Location (one for each targeted page) within seven (7) business days of receiving Customer’s approval of content guidelines template. The created sample content approved by Customer will be used as a baseline for creating all other content for all participating Locations. Three (3) rounds of sample content are included in the standard setup process. Yodle may charge Customer for each additional round of revisions requested by Customer. Customer acknowledges that additional sample content revisions may delay originally scheduled product launch date.

Local Web Infrastructure: Scalable web infrastructure, built and hosted by Yodle. Yodle will host up to 1 local standalone URL domains per Location.

Offer Management: Offer Management at the Customer dashboard level allows Customer to create offers which are stored in a library. The Offer library is linked to Location dashboard Offer Management, allowing offers created at the Customer level to be accessible via the Location dashboard to publish. Customer has the option to make select offers unavailable to Locations at any time, however, if the offer has been published by Locations, it will remain active until the expiration date selected by Location has been reached. Locations will be enabled to add an offer via their Centermark dashboard, which will then be distributed to their Local Websites, directories/listings, and available social media.

  • One (1) offer valid at a time.
  • Multi-offer management within Location Website Template may require a statement of work and may incur additional setup costs.
  • Background image may be included. Background image should be a branded image without text which can be utilized for all individual offers.
  • Offers will always publish to the Local Website.
  • Additional publishing options must be checked in order to distribute offers to directory listings and social media.
  • Offers will automatically tear down upon expiration date specified at the creation of the offer.

Customer understands it is the responsibility of the Customer or Locations, not Yodle, to add, edit, or remove offers via Location dashboard. Usage training will be provided as detailed in the Project Plan.

Review Management: One-click review monitoring for all of your locations across 25+ review sites. Customer may view the pre-set KPIs in increments of Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months, and Last 12 Months. Yodle will enable review solicitation, review monitoring, and review response capabilities powered by Centermark to Rate-a-biz within Location’s dashboard. A pre-built template email will trigger when a Location solicits a customer email for a review. Template email is not customizable. Dynamic variables include the use of Location Business Name and Location Address in email signature. Solicited reviews published on Location profile will syndicate to the Rate-a-biz widget within 24 hours of posting. Reviews rated 3 stars or less will be held for up to 14 days before syndicating to the Rate-a-biz widget in order to give Locations a chance to respond to reviews before they are syndicated. Customer understands it is the responsibility of the Customer or Locations, not Yodle, to solicit, manage, and respond to reviews via Location dashboard. Usage training will be provided as detailed in the Project Plan

SEO-Optimized Web Infrastructure: SEO-optimized websites, either built and hosted by Yodle or customer (template cost not included)

Social Profile Management: of Facebook/Google+ profiles, including automated syndication of content. Locations may link their Facebook Business page to their Centermark dashboard. For multi-location owners, a unique Facebook profile is needed to link updates to each account’s business page. User must enter their username and password associated with their personal account in order to link their business page to Centermark. Linking a Facebook page to Centermark allows Locations to keep their account up to date and automatically post new photos, offers, or reviews when uploaded via their Centermark dashboard. Customer understands it is the responsibility of the Locations, not Yodle, to link Locations' Facebook Business page to Location dashboards. Usage training will be provided as detailed in the Project Plan.

Yodle Ads Service: Yodle will create Ads based on the Customer Content, and will distribute the Ads through the Yodle Distribution Network. Yodle determines the Go-Live Date of the Yodle Ads Service. The Monthly Yodle Ads Advertising Budget will be used as a result of clicks, calls or other placement or advertising services in connection with distribution of Ads through the Yodle Distribution Network.

Ongoing Support

YBN Support Packages
 PremiumPremium Plus
Corporate Support (Corporate and Multi-location)
Monthly Relationship Status Callsxx
Monthly Regional Status Callsxx
Quarterly Account Reviewx
Bi-Monthly Account Reviewx
On-site Annual Reviewx
Network Support (Franchisee)
Monthly Performance Calls – first 90 days post launchxx
New Product Support Webinarsxx
Network Support Webinarsxx
Responsive Supportxx
Bi-Monthly Performance Callsx
Monthly Network Performance Webinarx

Yodle will provide the above services to Customer users (the “Supported Users”). Support is provided by Yodle’s centralized support desk resources; in most cases this will be through individuals other than the Customer’s Sales Director, Relationship Development Director, Customer Success Director and/or the Professional Services team. The Customer may request support through a telephone number or email address provided to Customer by Yodle. All Customers will be under the Premium support plan unless otherwise agreed to in the Customer’s Agreement (plan upgrade will be subject to additional fees).

Yodle will respond to support requests made by phone and/or email between 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays.

Standard response times are generally one (1) business day for all inbound email, call and voicemail requests. Standard resolution times are generally as follows (contingent on the complexity and severity of the request):

  • One (1) business day for individual website updates
    (not including design work or network wide change/br> requests which require a the execution of a SOW and
    additional fees)
  • One (1) business day for bug submissions
  • Three (3) business days for performance updates and campaign changes
  • One (1) business day for all other incoming requests

Yodle may prioritize responses as appropriate in its discretion. Items not available for fulfillment through the Ongoing Support include initiatives that require a dedicated project manager such as business process consulting, application development or programming, complex data migrations, and configuration that requires major revisions to your application.

Yodle may provide Professional Services to Customers subject to additional fees, including Third Party System and/or API Integrations, custom website designs and custom reporting requests.