Centermark: Purpose-Built For Franchise Networks

Centermark is purpose-built to help Franchises increase collaboration and drive results for the network. Centermark manages and automates the marketing activities of network businesses where the decisions, financing and implementation of marketing programs are shared or ‘distributed’ between the network participants.

Centermark Business Intelligence Dashboard

Make smarter decisions with our Business Intelligence Dashboard

Find the RIGHT solution for your network with our intuitive Business Intelligence Dashboard.
Gain Insight

Ensure that locations have the tools necessary to beat the competition

Acquire the necessary tools to promote brand consistency and help your franchisees get the THINGS they need to drive results for your network.
Drive Results

Centermark Marketing Applications

Centermark Network Communicaitons Portals

Effectively collaborate with locations across
your network

Capture the participation of the entire network by communicating corporate insights and messaging across your network. Encourage collaboration EVERYWHERE.
Encourage Collaboration